Knowing how tightly information on 'Homeland' season 2 is being locked down, we've been waiting patiently for any intel on how the new season will play out when it premieres on September 30.  Sure we learned a bit from Comic-Con 2012, but does the latest teaser give us anything new to go on?  Are we drawing mad conclusions in a fit of schizophrenia, or have we actually zeroed in on some crucial evidence?  Somehow, this question seems familiar...

Courtesy of Showtime, the latest look at 'Homeland' season 2 isn't offering us much in the way of new footage, but might contain a bit of a spoiler on its own.  We know for one that some time will have elapsed following the season 1 finale "Marine One," and that Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) has worked his way up to the level of a U.S. Congressman.  We'd even heard that Vice President Walden might choose Brody as his running mate for the Presidency, but are Brody's sights being set higher?

Full of clapping patrons and loving family members, the newest 'Homeland' season 2 teaser very prominently features elements of a "Brody 2012" campaign, so is it possible that the undercover terrorist could make it all the way to the White House?  And how long will it be before Carrie Matheson is on to him again?

Elsewhere, relatively little is known about ‘Homeland’ season 2, other than former ‘LOST’ and ‘Rome’ star Zuleikha Robinson will play a Middle Eastern field journalist with a special relationship to Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) who delivers an ultimatum to Brody.  For those who were fans of Nazir’s appearances in the first season, Navi Negahban has been moved into a series regular position alongside Jamey Sheridan’s Vice President Walden.

Check out the new teaser below, and give us your own theories on 'Homeland' season 2 in the comments!