We've kept a keen eye on Netflix as it develops its brand of original programming, starting with the excellent series 'Lilyhammer,' and soon to be continuing with the 'Arrested Development' reunion, Eli Roth's horror thriller 'Hemlock Grove,' and in particular Kevin Spacey political drama 'House of Cards.' The David Fincher-produced series is fast approaching its Feburary 1 release date, so now that all that other election chicanery is behind us, how would you like a first look at the 'House of Cards' trailer?

Netflix users are going to be seeing a lot of Kevin Spacey in the next few years, as the streaming content service prepares to release the first season of Spacey and David Fincher's political drama 'House of Cards' early next year. In an impressive development, Netflix bought the rights to air two 13-episode seasons of the drama, prior to the first even airing.

‘House of Cards,’ itself adapted from a British novel penned by former Conservative Party chief of Staff Michael Dobbs and previously adapted for a BBC miniseries, follows Spacey as Representative Frank Underwood, a “wily, murderous politician worming his way to the White House.” Screenwriter Beau Wilmon updates the setting from Dobbs’ original novel, which followed an ambitious yet morally dubious British politician eying Margaret Thatcher’s position as Prime Minister in her final days. The series also features Robin Wright and 'American Horror Story' star Kate Mara.

Check out the first trailer for 'House of Cards' below, and tell us in the comments if you'll watch when all season 1 episodes arrive on Netflix February 1!