And that's why you always leave a note!  Mixed franchises aside, we're exactly one week from the season premiere of 'How I Met Your Mother' with "Far Hampton," which should finally expand upon that cliffhanger reveal that....well, you saw it.  In any case, the first clip from "Farhampton" has hit the web, bringing up some past emotions for Ted Mosby like a brick through the window, but what will become of his and Victoria's big escape?

With only a week to go until 'How I Met Your Mother' debuts its eighth, and potentially final season, all eyes are on the big romantic twists that closed out season 7 finale "The Magician's Code."  Sure, Robin and Barney have a bit of time to get out of their respective relationships and into each others' arms once more, but what of Ted and Veronica's flight from her wedding?

As the latest clip from TVLine reminds us, Ted knows all-too-well the sting of being left at the altar, but at least Stella had the courtesy of leaving him a note for closure.  Victoria's neglect to do so for her fiancee sends Ted into a rage, but is rushing back and risking discovery at the wedding really the best idea?  If Victoria want's that eventual bring through her living room, you'd better believe it!

You can check out the brand new clip over at TVLine, and be sure to watch the 'How I Met Your Mother' season 8 premiere next Monday, September 24!