Whether or not you believe this year's 'How I Met Your Mother' season finale episodes "Something Old" and "Something New" will culminate in the long-awaited wedding between Barney and Robin, or possibly even the storied meeting of the mother, the chips certainly seem to be falling that way. The latest sneak peeks from Monday's all-new episode see Robin taking a trip to the past, while Ted revels in nostalgia of his own, so where is it all leading?

This Monday's all-new 'How I Met Your Mother" episode "Something Old" will lead us into the final half hour of the season, as Robin looks to dig up a memory from the past, Barney bonds with Robin Sr. and Ted helps Marshall and Lily pack for Italy, but the latest clips show things going far from smoothly. For one, the dynamic between Barney and Robin Sr. has certainly improved since the days of "Band or DJ?," but will Robin be left out in the cold?

CBS has released two new sneak peeks of the episode, featuring more flashbacks and callback humor than you might expect, but we're still keeping a measured eye on where the final two episodes of the season take us.

Preview the latest 'How I Met Your Mother' with two clips from Monday's "Something Old" below, and give us your predictions for the end of the season in the comments!