'How I Met Your Mother' has certainly gone to some strange places before, but March 25 episode "Time Travelers" could be it's most out there yet. Not only will 'Glee' star Jayma Mays reprise her season 1 role as "Coat Check Girl," but a new photo from the episode has Ted and Barney coming face to face with the dastardly duo of "Future Ted" and "Future Barney"! Is it too crazy to be true? Check out a sneak peek of 'How I Met Your Mother's "Time Travelers" inside!

Just when you thought 'How I Met Your Mother's' March 25 return episode "Time Travelers" couldn't sound any more bizarre, Entertainment Weekly has released the first official photos from the episode. Not only does "Time Travelers" see Future Ted and Future Barney attempting to convince Ted to attend "Robots Vs. Wrestlers," but it now seems the episode includes...a third Barney and Ted?

However the episode shakes out, including its plot line that sees Marshall challenging Robin to a dance-off, "Time Travelers" will also include 'Glee' star Jayma Mays reprising her role as "Coat Check Girl," a character not seen since 'How I Met Your Mother's' first season. Non-coincidentally, the episode in question "Okay Awesome" also featured Marshall busting some sweet dance moves.

You can check out the first photo from 'How I Met Your Mother's' temporal mechanics-stretching episode "Time Travelers" below, and give us your theories on the March 25 episode in the comments!