It looks like director/insane person Tom Six is still forging ahead with 'The Human Centipede 3,' and he's set aside his legal troubles with star Dieter Laser, who will return for the final film in the trilogy as a brand-new character.

The Playlist reports that Tom Six is, unfortunately, still hell-bent on making 'Human Centipede 3' a reality. Last year, Six sued his 'Human Centipede' star Dieter Laser for breach of contract when Laser was reportedly unhappy with the script for the third film. But now the two have put that behind them (no pun intended) and are uniting for the greater good of sewing more peoples mouths to butts.

For the third (and hopefully final) installment, Laser will return as a new character who teams up with 'The Human Centipede 2' star Laurence R. Harvey to surgically graft 500 mouths and butts together, in a plot Tom Six says "no one will expect." You know, unless you've seen the other two movies.

'The Human Centipede' was a surprisingly humorous and horrific experiment in stomach-churning, but the sequel earned far more negative reviews, with many feeling that the film relied too heavily on shock for the sake of shock. It seems that's Tom Six's style, though -- the bigger and more excessively outlandish and disgusting, the better. We think he'd be great at directing reality television.