The last time we saw a supernatural movie featuring famed author Edgar Allan Poe as a character, we got the terrible John Cusack film ‘The Raven.’ But this new project being produced by Idris Elba already sounds way cooler for a couple of reasons. For one: Edgar Allan Poe will battle an evil sorcerer. And two: Idris Elba, obviously.

Variety reports that Elba has optioned the Marc Olden novel ‘Poe Must Die’ with the intention of turning the story into a trilogy of supernatural action-fantasy films. The story centers on renowned author Edgar Allan Poe, who’s turned to booze to ease his pain following the death of his wife. Via a bare-knuckle boxer named Pierce James Figg, Poe receives a letter from fellow author Charles Dickens, introducing Poe to Figg and asking for his help to track down an evil psychic sorcerer named Jonathan, the man responsible for murdering Poe’s wife. Poe must battle demonic forces summoned by Jonathan as well as his own inner demons in order to stop the sorcerer from obtaining the Throne of Solomon, which will make him immortal and grant him dominion over the most ultimate of demonic forces.

Sounds pretty rad, right? It definitely has some potential. It’s unclear if Elba plans to star in the trilogy in addition to producing it, but we’re definitely feeling a bit optimistic. If anyone can cancel a potential apocalypse, it’s Idris Elba.