What happens when you're confronted with your absentee father and his new girlfriend during a weekend getaway with your own girlfriend in a cozy cabin (in the woods, where nothing good ever happens anyway)? Well, obviously everyone is too stubborn or polite to leave (sort of like 'The Real World'), so embrace the awkward melodrama with this new trailer for John Savelson's 'In Our Nature,' courtesy of Deadline.

The film premieres this weekend at SXSW in Austin, and promises the epic 'Friday Night Lights'/'Mad Men' throwdown we didn't know we wanted (but we're totally on board with) between 'FNL''s Zach Gilford and 'Mad Men''s John Slattery, who are just beautifully cast as father and son. Add equal parts Jena Malone and Gabrielle Union, let longstanding resentment come to a boil, and serve with a garnish of Real Estate's catchy "It's Real," and you've got this intriguing new trailer.