So much internet ink has been spilled over 'The Avengers' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' that it's easy to forget that there are plenty of other expensive blockbusters just around the corner. Consider these international posters for 'Men in Black 3' and 'Snow White and the Huntsman' a friendly nudge from your local movie studio, a reminder that yes, there are movies you should see this summer that don't star Iron Man or Batman.

'Men in Black 3' has been a notoriously troubled production, but after years of script rewrites, production delays and horror stories about Will Smith's enormous trailer ruining entire neighborhoods, the film's May 25th release date is quickly approaching. Although the previous films made tons of cash, 'Men in Black II' didn't leave too many people howling for a sequel. But than was ten (!) years ago. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps? Anyway, here's the new international poster for the third film, which features Agent J piloting some nifty futuristic hardware. It wouldn't be a 'Men in Black' film without shiny metal toys that make evil aliens go boom.

'Snow White and the Huntsman' hits theaters the week after 'Men in Black 3' (June 1, if you want to jot it down in your handy movie calendar). You may remember the initial scoffs: an epic, battle-filled take on the Snow White legend as the first in a trilogy!? Then the trailer arrived and everyone agreed that it looked really pretty and kind of cool, especially when put in direct comparison to the original trailer for 'Mirror Mirror,' which looked like cinematic cancer. A handful of new international posters surfaced on Imp Awards (and kudos to Coming Soon for stumbling across 'em) and while they're not revelatory, they serve as helpful reminder of what we can expect: a dark, gritty fantasy that recreates the "fairest of them all" as a warrior in the Aragon mold.

First, here's Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman, striking his best "I'm Going To Chop Your Head Off" pose:

Next, here's Kristen Stewart's Snow White, striking her best "I'm A Pretty Princess But I'm Also Sad And Distressed" pose:

Here's more of Stewart, this time striking her best "I'm A Tough Lady Warrior Who Leads Men Into Combat And Must Make Tough Decisions" pose:

Finally, here's Charlize Theron as the evil queen, striking her best "I Drink The Blood Of Virgins To Retain My Eternal Youth NOM NOM NOM" pose.

Which summer releases are you looking forward to? You're not allowed to say 'The Avengers' or 'The Dark Knight Rises.'