'Iron Man 3' has hinted at the big Air Force One action sequence from early on, even back in the film's first trailer. Now you can see that big scene right here in the latest 'Iron Man 3' clip.

We certainly have seen a lot of 'Iron Man 3' and some may argue (the spoilerphobes among you) that we've seen too much. With all the trailers and clips, it's possible we've seen at least 1/3 of the movie and we haven't even sat our butts down in a theater seat yet.

But for those among us who just can't get enough 'Iron Man 3,' we have yet another clip and yet another look at one of the film's big action scenes. In this scene, the Mandarin has blown a hole in Air Force One causing many of the occupants to be sucked outside into the sky, freefalling down to Earth. Enter: Iron Man doing what he does best.

Now the question is whether there is enough action left in the movie that we haven't seen in the clips or trailers yet? We still think there's a LOT to see in 'Iron Man 3' so you know we'll be there on opening day to see the latest (and final?) 'Iron Man' movie.

Watch the new 'Iron Man 3' clip below and let us know how excited you are!