The outstanding images from the 'Iron Man 3' trailer surely remain fresh in all of our minds. We're fairly certain this will be the biggest movie of the year, and that trailer just reinforced the stance. Thankfully, the goods keep coming from the superhero epic -- today we've got a nice and shiny new poster, courtesy of Marvel's Japanese marketing, which you can see in full after the break.

This new poster is essentially a combination of images we've been privy to already: Tony Stark and Pepper Potts looking weary and battle-scarred; a gang of Iron Men blasting off; and Stark standing in his armory, contemplating his suits. Mash them all together and you get a colorful, stirring one-sheet.

We must admit to liking the UK poster a little bit more, but perhaps because it's just a little more dramatic. What about you, which poster do you think features the best 'Iron Man' action?

UPDATE: Marvel released the US version of the poster, just without that lower scene of Stark looking over his Iron Men collection. Check it out below along with the Japanese version.

'Iron Man 3' hits theaters on April 26 in Japan, while it hits the states on May 3.