'Iron Man 3' Casts Radioactive Man as New Villain?

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'Iron Man 3' begins production in Beijing today and already there's at least one surprise we've discovered -- the appearance of a new villain for Tony Stark? While speculation about other upcoming superhero flicks like 'Man of Steel' and 'Justice League' have been rumored to feature a hidden villain, the same seems to be true for 'Iron Man 3' now that new pics have recently been released. Click ahead to find out who has been cast.

According to Deadline sources, popular Chinese character actor Wang Xueqi has been tapped to portray the role of Dr. Wu in the next installment of the 'Iron Man' storyline. The current buzz is that Wu is stepping into a role previously eyed for fellow China-based actor Andy Lau and is said to be that of Chen Lu, which comic book fanatics know to be the alias of Radioactive Man.

In the comics, Dr. Wu is one of the top nuclear radiation researchers in the world with specific knowledge on how it effects humans. The Chinese government sought him out to seek revenge on Thor (does this mean a future 'Avengers' tie-in?), but the good doctor instead manipulated the radiation to give himself power. He's also supposed to be an agent of The Mandarin, who we already know is played by Ben Kingsley in 'Iron Man 3.'

Though all of this would be great to see as a surprise twist for the new flick, sources are also relaying that this is not a big role. Still, we'll have to wait for more info as it comes before the film hits theaters on May 3, 2013. Check out the new pics from 'Iron Man 3' below.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios
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