For those of you who haven't seen 'Rise of the Guardians,' you may want to stop reading here as some spoilers are coming up ahead! Just saying, you were warned.

Jack Frost is the central character in this animated masterpiece by director Peter Ramsey, and the driving force behind his actions is his desire to find out who he was before becoming the Jack Frost. Well -- now here's the SPOILER ALERT -- we've discovered that the movie's answer was wrong.

Before Frost became Frost, he was actually the star of the BBC show 'Merlin,' Colin Morgan. Then when cancellation was announced, we're presuming he decided to go ice skating on an unstable frozen pond, where he fell through the ice and became Jack Frost! Finally, the mystery is solved.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but we're obviously just having fun at Morgan's striking resemblance to the animated character. We figured if some people can think Onion articles are for real, then we might as well point out the seemingly obvious to be on the safe side.