This weekend on 'Saturday Night Live,' Kristen Wiig was given a teary farewell. Though rumors had swirled that she was leaving, the final sketch/song left no doubt that the episode was Wiig's last. What was odd is that both Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis were also rumored to leave. Were they ignored?

From what 'SNL' producer Lorne Michael says, no. Well, maybe. He talked to Vulture, who got this out of him about them leaving: "No. Who said that? No. In no way. Absolutely not. No decision will be made on that until July ... I'm not even dealing with that yet."

As has been known for a while now, to join 'SNL' you have to sign a seven year contract that Michaels has the right to terminate if you don't work out, but you're basically on the hook for seven seasons. This was Wiig's seventh year, and she stayed after 'Bridesmaids' made her a movie star (but doing the show after having a hit movie is nothing new for 'SNL' - it's happened throughout the show's long history).

Sudeikis also just finished his seventh year and had a hit film last summer with 'Horrible Bosses' while Samberg also crossed the seven-year milestone and has a buddy comedy with Adam Sandler this summer in 'That's My Boy.' Every year or so there's turnover on the show, but it looks like next year's cast will be determined by whether Michaels wants to spend to keep his all-stars.