Between an additional season of 'Jersey Shore,' Snooki and JWoww's upcoming spin-off, Pauly D's DJ career, and even Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino turning himself into a comic book, the Garden State mania is far from over. (Why did we ever think it would end?) So what's the latest train wreck tie-in from the ever-popular series? Why, Ronnie Magro's music career, of course!

We didn't know he wanted to be a singer, either. Titled "How the F$%k We Gettin' Home?", Magro's single at least creates a positive message in encouraging drivers not to drink and get behind the wheel. The bad news?  It's still Ronnie Magro singing, complete with requisite auto-tune.

TMZ has a short sample of the track, which includes such poignant lyrics as, "We don't take it easy/ Someone take my keys please/ I don't think I'm able to drive."  Who knows? Maybe clubgoers will break from their "Ron Ron Juice"-induced stupors long enough to absorb the message.

'Jersey Shore' has a habit of not addressing the very public image and promotional tie-ins of its cast during airing, but we'll see if "How the F$%k We Gettin' Home?" makes its way to the airwaves when the reality show shoots its sixth season this summer.

In case you need us, we'll be right over here on the edge of our seats. Check out the track below, and tell us in the comments if it's your jam... 'Cause it's certainly not ours.