Gasp, you mean to tell us that Jodie Foster is coming to TV at the same time as NBC's 'Hannibal' while Lifetime works on its own adaptation of the Clarice Starling character?  Have our TV imaginations run away with us?  Decidedly yes, but it's still exciting to learn that the former 'Silence of the Lambs' actress has just closed a deal to producer her own series for Showtime.  So what is 'Angie's Body,' and why is Jodie Foster all over it?

Making her first major effort behind the scenes of TV, Jodie Foster has signed on to direct and executive produce her own series for Showtime, a mob thriller under the heading 'Angie's Body,' according to Deadline.  Written by Rob Fresco ('Heroes'), 'Angie’s Body' follows a around a "shrewd, sexy and, when necessary, lethal" at the head of a family-based crime syndicate.

'Angie's Body will make the first major directorial effort for Foster as far as TV, since helming an episode of the 1980s series 'Tales From the Darkside.'  Foster has also been transitioning from acting to directing film, including 'Little Man Tate,' 'Home For The Holidays' and 'The Beaver.'

Foster also has a previous relationship with Showtime, having executive produced the 1998 telefilm 'The Baby Dance.'

What say you?  Are you disappointed to see Jodie Foster disappearing behind the camera for 'Angie's Body,' or does the series sound strong enough in its own right?  Who would you choose for the lead?  Tell us what you think in the comments section!