The racing, platforming daredevil known as Joe Danger will be making his way to Steam very soon, and is set to get your adrenaline pumping. What's more, he'll also be bringing along a couple of new friends from popular PC games.

Playing Joe Danger on the PC will grant you access to the crew from Team Fortress 2, as well characters and locations from Minecraft. This is one of the strangest mash-ups we've ever seen, but we're not complaining. The only question now is whether or not we'll have to hunt down a copious amount of hats in this game too.

Since the game is on Steam, you'll also have access to the Steam Workshop. This means that you'll be able to create your own wacky obstacle courses and then share your creation with the world. Want to make the vehicular equivalent of Ninja Warrior? Go for it and wait for the flood of hate messages and tears to come your way!

Joe Danger will be hitting your PC on June 24, so look out for it on Steam. Let us know if you'll be getting it by commenting in the comments section below.