One of the biggest missteps in recent years was 'John Carter,' the film that Disney hoped to launch into a new franchise with leading man Taylor Kitsch as the titular military man who's transported to Mars, where he becomes a hero in an epic battle. But that didn't quite pan out, and now the rights to 'John Carter' have reverted back to the publishing company of original author Edgar Rice Burroughs -- and they'd like to give John Carter another shot at big screen glory.

Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., created by the author in 1923, have now reclaimed the rights to the John Carter character from Disney, which means that they can set about shopping plans for a new film franchise to various studios -- and they intend to do just that:

'John Carter of Mars was the creative stimulus behind such movie classics as Superman, Star Wars and Avatar,' said James Sullos, President. 'Edgar Rice Burroughs was the Master of Adventure and his literary works continue to enjoy a world-wide following. We will be seeking a new partner to help develop new adventures on film as chronicled in the eleven Mars novels Burroughs wrote. This adventure never stops. Along with a new TARZAN film in development by Warner Bros., we hope to have JOHN CARTER OF MARS become another major franchise to entertain world-wide audiences of all ages.'

Disney's 'John Carter' wasn't totally atrocious, but Kitsch wasn't the right choice for the lead, and there were a ton of elements that didn't come together for the final product to be successful. Perhaps now that the author's publishing company has retained the rights again, they'll be able to find the right studio to bring John Carter to life. Now is a great time for sci-fi, and there's absolutely no reason why a series of good John Carter films can't exist.