When Rob Marshall signed on to do 'The Thin Man' with Johnny Depp, there were two major questions. One: "why?" And the second: "Who could play Nora Charles?"  Johnny Depp has his bona fides from playing comedically tipsy after the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise, but what actress can do slightly soused these day? It looks like they're going to find out as their audition list is stacked with all of the current hot talented actresses.

Their list, according to Deadline Hollywood, is as such: Eva Green, Amy Adams, Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Rachel Weisz, Kristen Wiig, Emily Blunt and Isla Fisher. I guess they could have included more bombshells like Jessicas Alba or Biel, but they seem to be going after talented performers first.

Eva Green stands out as she just did a movie with Depp - 'Dark Shadows' - which could be to her advantage as she has a working relationship with Depp. But then again if 'Shadows' bombs there's no way the studio would put them together again. Wiig seems an "outside the box" choice, and she's also one of the oldest, which is good as it would put their relationship on surer footing from the outset. Adams, Fisher and Stone have more romantic-comedy experience, while Blunt, Mulligan and Weisz are the more dramatic heavy hitters. There's no bad choices of the lot, though the age disparity between Depp (who would be 50 by the time the film was released) and Stone (currently 23) and Mulligan (26) is striking.

The original series of films, based on the characters created by Dashiell Hammet, follows Nick and Nora Charles. He a retired detective with his socialite wife and dog helping him to solve crimes. The two spend most of their nights drinking heavily, which adds to their charms (until the morning). If you haven't seen them, they're must-sees.