Justified’ season 4 goes looking for trouble with its second episode of the year “Where's Waldo?,” as Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant)’ and the Marshals attempt to track down the mysterious "Waldo Truth," while Boyd confronts the charismatic Preacher Billy (Joseph Mazzello) and tries to broker a deal with the Dixie Mafia.

Last week’s ‘Justified’ premiere “Hole in the Wall” saw Raylan efforts to deliver a bail jumper complicated by a mysterious bag found in Arlo’s house, while Boyd found his business in decline because of a new church in the area, and enlisted the help of old friend Colton Rhodes (Ron Eldard) to uncover its origins, so what will the latest episode of ‘Justified’ bring? Will Raylan be the one to uncover "Waldo Truth," or will the new church come to take his attention as well?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Justified’ season 4 episode 2 “Where's Waldo?”

After a particularly vigorous morning with Lindsey, Raylan opts to oversee the morning bar deliveries himself. Along with the deliveries, a mysterious man enters and menacingly serves himself a beer, despite Raylan’s objections. After the pair size one another up, the man departs with little fuss. Across town, Ava deals with deliveries of her own, as Ellen May enters declaring her intent to leave the brothel, her soul having been saved. Assuring her of no salvation for people like them, Ava denies her resignation.

Meanwhile at the station, fellow lawman Patrick brings Chief Deputy Art an expensive bottle of bourbon, sniffing around his soon-to-be-available job, but Art assures him his office has more internal problems than felons in the county. Later, Art tells Raylan of his father’s prison misdeed last week, to which Raylan recognizes the victim and brings Art up to speed on the mysterious “Waldo Truth.”

While Boyd and his ilk ruminate how to handle the mysterious Preacher Billy, Art, Tim and Raylan load up to pay a visit to the notoriously lawless Truth family. Tim and Raylan express their surprise that Art wants to get so personally involved in a dangerous case, but Art brushes off their suspicions. Elsewhere, Ellen May pays a visit to Preacher Billy’s tent and informs him she can’t join the church, but he assures her she can still be saved from the wicked men with a hold on her.

At a random house party, the man from the bar engages in a recreational MMA fight, while Colton and Boyd shake down a man caught selling what looks to be Dixie Mafia heroin in their territory. Boyd attempts to set up a meeting, but is interrupted by the sounds of Preacher Billy’s children followers flooding into the brothel, singing and distributing flyers for the church. Even a visit to a disgruntled Sheriff Shelby doesn’t turn up much on the church, other than their consistent relocation to other towns in need of salvation.

While the mysterious fighter from earlier beats two thugs looking to jump him after the fight, Raylan, Art and Tim wait near a mailbox to see the Truth clan picking up a regular disability check. Art brings up Raylan’s reckless behavior of late, to which Raylan counters with news of Art’s potential replacements, but all are interrupted by the appearance of young Milo Truth retrieving the check. The three follow Milo back to his home, to which the entire family appears in stand-off, unafraid of the Marshals’ threats. Only the timely intervention of “Mother Truth” (Beth Grant) prevents the outbreak of violence, as she agrees to summon Waldo.

Inside, the family members continue to scoff at the Marshals’ authority while a man enters claiming to be Waldo Truth. Tim moves to arrest him given an outstanding warrant, causing the man to confess that he only acts as Waldo for the family to keep collecting the disability check. Mother Truth admits to not having seen Waldo in 30 years, when a man claiming to be a pilot offered him a job from which he wouldn’t return. When Art helps Mother remember that the mysterious pilot was named “Drew Thompson,” he immediately lets the Truth clan go and calls off a bewildered Tim and Raylan.

That night at Preacher Billy’s church, Boyd and his associates make their presence known as Ellen May receives her baptism. Before the entire congregation, Boyd accuses Billy of being a false prophet who collects from the people before moving onto another town, to which Billy counters by offering to decline collection from any Harlan resident. On the way out, Boyd sees a disapproving stare from Billy’s sister Cassie (‘True Blood’s Lindsay Pulpisher) realizing her to be the one really pulling the strings.

While Art brings Tim and Raylan up to speed about the mystery of Drew Thompson and Waldo Truth’s apparent death in the parachuting, something Arlo might know something about, Boyd confers with his group about Cassie. Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) and his men enter the scene, denying that Boyd’s hostage Danny was given permission to sell heroin in his territory, though Boyd would rather strike up a partnership for distribution than argue about it. Unwilling to trust Boyd for the moment, Jere coldly shoots the hostage dead, and offers one final inquiry about Arlo’s murder of a Dixie Mafia soldier in prison before departing.

Later, Raylan helps Lindsey close up the bar, getting all manner of flirtatious before the mysterious man from earlier enters the bar once more. Rather than looking to fight Raylan however, he only asks for a word with his wife Lindsey. Awkward…

'Justified's fourth season seems to be spinning a number of plates at the moment, and we'll be interested to see if the "Waldo Truth" mystery has any intersection with the mysterious Last Chance Holiness Church. Both are engaging enough stories in their own right, but don't seem to feed into one another as much as we might hope. The same is true of bartender Lindsey's bruiser husband, who seems awfully highlighted for a peripheral characters' previously unknown relation. It's too early to make any kind of call about the season, which crackles with as much wit as ever, but leaves us wondering about its disorganized feeling.

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