TV Gods bless FX.  They recruit excellent stars for their series, and as often as they can, try to keep both actors and producers in the family.  Their sweet, Emmy-winning families.

Whether or not you're a 'Felicity' watcher from back in the day, the latest round of pilot casting news comes to us from Deadline TV, who report that Keri Russell has finally signed on to take one of the lead roles in upcoming spy period piece 'The Americans,' created by Joe Weisberg ('Falling Skies'), and executive-produced by 'Justified' showrunner Graham Yost.  Don't worry though, that fourth season of 'Justified' will keep Graham Yost plenty busy too.

Set in the early 1980s, 'The Americans' follows Russell as "Elizabeth Jennings," one half of a KGB-arranged marriage placed in the heart of suburban Washington D.C., increasingly tested by the Cold War's escalation, and the "dangerous and darkly funny" relationships they maintain with a network of spies and informants under their control.  Along the way, spies Elizabeth and Philip Jennings find their fake relationship growing more passionate and genuine on a daily basis.

Also complicating their relationship is the (as-yet uncast) Phillip’s growing affinity for American values lifestyle, as well as the couple’s blissfully ignorant two children.  But since when are children of a loveless KGB marriage ever a problem, right?

While the Phillip role remains uncast, Keri Russell is best known from the '90s WB drama 'Felicity,' as well as an attempt to return to the airwaves with Fox's 'Running Wilde' in 2010, which after failing on FOX had its remaining episodes air on FX.

Do you think FX has another hit on their hands with an '80s-era spy drama, or are their best successes keeping things in modern day?  At the very least, will you at least tune in to see 'Felicity' all growed up?  Hit us with your secret communiqués in the forms below!