There are going to be plenty of games adopting the free-to-play model during the next generation. Double Helix's Killer Instinct is the first launch title on the Xbox One to do so, and the developer already has a plan in place for how you'll be able to get all the content you want for one low price.

When Killer Instinct arrives, it will come with just one character--Jago. Every other character will have to be purchased by the player, but Double Helix has some reasoning beyond looking to make a few bucks.

"Most fighting games that come out are disc based games where you get a huge cast of awesome characters, but it is a massive cast," Microsoft's Torin Rettig told Polygon in an interview. "Some games have anywhere between 30, 40, even 50 characters. And in reality, most players don't play that many characters. You just only have so much time to get good at so many characters. So we wanted to take that into consideration and release the game in a way that took that into consideration and allowed players to get in and play the game at the level that they want to play it."

The good news is you'll be able to play against any character online, even if you haven't purchased him (or her). Double Helix is hoping seeing other fighters in action will inspire you to buy them yourself, possibly with the season pass option being included. Though there's no details on just how many characters are included in the season pass (only three have even been announced so far), it is an easier way to get all the content for a (hopefully) discounted rate.

Killer Instinct won't be out until November, so it'll likely be a while until the definitive details are worked out. What do you think of a free-to-play game with a season pass--good idea, or should the whole game be available to start with?