The fight between the Helghast and the Vektan continues in Killzone: Shadow Fall. The singleplayer campaign looks like it's fraught with big set pieces, amazing action and lots of flying bullets. But what about the multiplayer portion of the game?

According to a blog post on the official Killzone site, the multiplayer will feature lots of freedom and customization options. Warzones, like we've seen in the previous trailer, allow for customized games between 4-24 players, with custom rules, mission modes, classes, abilities and weapons. Your creations are then shared with the community.

As for the multiplayer mode proper, there will be 8 rotating mission modes to accomplish in games. Four of these missions are new, so you won't have to feel like you're doing the same thing as in the previous games.

Three classes will be available, all with their own unique abilities to utilize in combat. These classes will have immediate access to the game's 22 different weapons, which lets players fine-tune their experience and decide on a loadout early on.

Instead of experience points, Killzone: Shadow Fall will let players progress through a series of challenges. There are over 1,500 challenges in all, so players have plenty of chances to get stronger, improve their skills and collect rewards.

Let us know if all of these multiplayer details get you pumped up to fight the Helghast and the Vektan once more!

Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch with the PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15.