While there have been high-definition remakes of a few Metal Gear Solid games over the past year, the very first PlayStation Metal Gear Solid has remained decidedly old school. That might not always been case however, as series creator Hideo Kojima has revealed he's hoping to find a studio to remaster the classic.

Metal Gear Solid was remade once already, but that was on the GameCube back in 2004. Silicon Knights, not exactly the most reliable developer these days, handled the revamped version back then, but Kojima wants an entirely new version of the game to join the HD collection.

Speaking with GameReactor UK, Kojima added he believes some of the game's mechanics will have to be updated for the modern era, but didn't elaborate what systems (camera, inventory, etc.) he thought should be changed. Kojima wants to use the Fox Engine to bring Metal Gear Solid HD to life, and may already have one developer extremely interested. According to Joystiq, Just Add Water (Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD) is throwing its hat into the ring.

An updated high-def version of Metal Gear Solid would definitely be great, but who knows how long it will be until development would begin, let alone a final version of the game releasing. At least we'll have Metal Gear Solid 5 to look forward to in the meantime.