After the runaway success of 'The LEGO Movie' on a critical and commercial level, you just knew that 'LEGO Movie 2' was coming sooner rather than later. Today, we get confirmation on just how soon as Warner Bros. has announced a May 26, 2017 release date.

With the first movie, Warner Bros. didn't know what to expect and cautiously placed 'The LEGO Movie' in early February. Now that they know they have a bonafide hit and franchise on their hands, they've got their eyes on prime real estate for 'The LEGO Movie 2' giving it their big Memorial Day weekend spot in 2017.

Not many films are dated yet for 2017 (mostly just animated films, who need the lengthy production time), but it looks like 'LEGO' will be going up against one of the big Marvel sequels, likely 'Captain America 3'.

The film's original voice cast is expected to return for the sequel, but it's unclear if writer-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be back. Warner Bros. has hired Jared Stern and Michelle Morgan to write the script while Lord and Miller finish up post-production on '22 Jump Street'. Stern is part of the Warner Bros. Animation think tank started by Lord and Miller along with 'Muppets' writer Nicolas Stoller and John Requa and Glenn Ficarra ('Crazy, Stupid, Love').

One thing we do know is that 'LEGO Movie 2' will feature new characters, especially licensed ones that Warner Bros. tried, but were unable to get for the first movie. Which begs the question, which existing LEGO franchise would you like to see appear in 'LEGO Movie 2'?