Perhaps Lindsay Lohan's mixed reviews on her 'SNL' return would have been bolstered by sketch comedy golden boy, Jon Hamm.  Sadly, we'll never know, as the sketch they appeared in together was cut after dress rehearsal. But what was it?Hamm, who made a brief appearance during Lohan's monologue, was also to appear as the JFK to Lohan's Marilyn Monroe in a sketch that was ultimately cut, reports TMZ.

In the sketch, Rick Santorum (played by Andy Samburg) has a vision in which Monroe and JFK tell the Republican presidential hopeful that Monroe was on birth control obtained from Medicare.  The revelation causes Santorum to vomit.

The sketch draws from Santorum's claim that JFK's speech about keeping religion out of politics makes him "want to throw up."

According to TMZ's source, the sketch went through rehearsals and was performed before a live audience before it was cut from the show due to time constraints.

Hamm has put in several highly-praised appearances on 'SNL' and Lohan has long idolized the iconic Monroe, whom she modeled herself after in a Playboy spread.

But unfortunately, like JFK and Marilyn themselves, the promising skit was not long for this world.