Cosplay of the Week: This Lady Loki Isn't a Low-Key Affair

ONE Photography/Marvel Studios

Although his brother's name is the one on the poster and in the opening titles, Loki (and by extension, actor Tom Hiddleston) has one of the hearts of the fans. The scheming Norse god and Marvel supervillain menaced Asgard in 'Thor,' brought an alien invasion to Earth in 'The Avengers' and will soon return to the big screen in 'Thor: The Dark World.' Calm down, Tumblr. We can hear you breathing from here.

With Loki fever in the air, how about a Rule 63 take on the beloved bad guy?

Today's cosplay comes courtesy of Emeraude de Lioncourt, who took one look at the Marvel universe's Loki and decided that the god of mischief doesn't have to be a guy. Her take on the character seems to fall on the halfway point between the film version of the character and the comic book incarnation, allowing her to straddle both geeky worlds.

In addition to some glossy photos taken by ONE Photography, she has taken her Loki cosplay on a bit of a tour, wearing it to Free Comic Book Day events and to various Comic-Cons. You can check out more of Emeraude's costumes, outfits, tattoos and makeup designs over at her Facebook page, and see more over at ONE Photography.

ONE Photography
ONE Photography
ONE Photography
ONE Photography
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