Things have been awfully quiet around Disney's upcoming 'The Lone Ranger,' but with the summer movie season rapidly approaching, we can probably expect to start seeing a lot more (and getting sick) of it sooner rather than later. Two new character posters have arrived, each spotlighting the heroes of the film: Johnny Depp's Tonto and Armie Hammer's Lone Ranger.

Like most modern movie posters, they're not too exciting or interesting (and the designer has followed the current trend of adding all kinds of inexplicable swirling debris to each of them for some reason), but at least Hammer has his own poster. For much of its production, this movie has felt almost entirely like the Johnny Depp/Tonto show, which feels mighty unfair to the man who's actually playing the title character. In any case, the rough, hardcore design of these posters feels at odds with the character of the Lone Ranger, who is about as old fashioned (in a good way) as heroes get.

[UPDATE: Disney recently released more 'Lone Ranger' posters, this time highlighting Helena Bonham Carter's Red and Ruth Wilson's Rebecca Reid. Check them out below.]

'The Lone Ranger' is directed by Gore Verbinski ('Pirates of the Caribbean') and will arrive on July 3, where it'll attempt to take advantage of the Fourth of July weekend. This movie needs a new trailer (and perhaps some better posters) stat.