Fans will bicker about the ending of 'LOST' until the end of time but one thing all can agree on is the brilliance of Michael Giacchino's original score for the mind-bending, time-twisting series.  Indeed, many flashback-induced headaches were soothed by Giacchino's orchestral mastery.

Those lucky enough to score tickets (and live in Switzerland) to the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra, last weekend were treated to a performance of the score, with 'LOST's' musical constant, Michael Giacchino himself, in the house.

The Switzerland-based orchestra is no stranger to the musical stylings of the sci-fi/fantasy sort.  The orchestra previously performed Howard Shore's score for the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy.

For the majority of 'LOST' fans unable to make it to the show's musical resurrection in Switzerland, a fan-shot video from the concert provides a twelve and a half minute journey back to the Island.