Louie,’ you wonderful, Emmy-nominated man, you sure know how to pick 'em.  ‘Louie’ season 3 has too good a time with its fifth episode of the year, as Louie's date from last week (Parker Posey) leads him on a wild night through the streets of Manhattan, full of new experiences and manic pixie dreaminess.

Last week’s ‘Louie’ episode “Daddy's Girlfriend, Part 1” saw Louie found an innocent question from his daughters placing him on a quest for a girlfriend, eventually settling on a shy bookstore worker he encounters. So how does “Daddy’s Girlfriend, Part 2” keep things moving?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Louie’ season 3 episode 5, “Daddy’s Girlfriend, Part 5!”

Our hero Louie finishes up a set at the Comedy Cellar joking about how terrifying it must be for a young, attractive girl to have so many brutish men lusting after her all the time, before heading over to the bookstore to pick up his date.  Curiously, on the way out, she calls her co-worker by the wrong name, and the pair head to a local bar.

Far too loud and crowded than anything that might be suitable for a date, the woman (whom we’ll call “Parker” for now) heads to the bar to get the drinks, but the bartender refuses to service her large quantities “after what happened last time.”  Distressed at the implications of what she means, Parker breezes past Louie out the door, before the pair agree to simply walk around town for their date, Louie’s laziness and weight be damned.

Parker reveals that she became very forward, especially after being diagnosed with cancer at age 14, reminiscing about how horrible it was to have to deal with her grieving mother all the time.  Miraculously she started getting better, but could no longer find any interest in school after facing death and  before she goes too far in depth, she drags Louie into a vintage clothing store.  Out of nowhere, she asks Louie to try on a dress, perhaps as a means to test his willingness to try new things, and after natural hesitance, the comedian reluctantly strips and dons the gown.  After sharing a good laugh, she kisses him and they depart.

Next, the pair walk by a local billiards club before realizing they actually don’t know one another’s names!  Louie shares his, but Parker spins an elaborate story about how her parents named her “Tape Recorder” when they couldn’t decide anything, a gag Louie laughably falls for.  Next stop the pair head to Russ and Daughters, enjoying all manner of delicious fish and pastries together, on their way out leaving the leftovers for a homeless man.

But wait! Rather than passively help him with a sandwich, Parker sees Louie’s intent and raises him by stopping to ask the man why he’s on the street.  The man suffers from delusions of snakes, and lost his job he needed to pay for the medication, so Louie agrees to pay for the pills and put him up in a Comfort Inn for the night.

Next stop on Louie’s manic pixie dream date  Parker ducks into an abandoned building, pushing Louie at every turn to climb the stairs with her to the top of the building.  Once there, Louie desperately beckons for her to move away from the ledge in spite of the view, but she asserts that he only fears the ledge because a small part of him wants to jump.  As for her?  She’s having too good a time in life, so she can sit right out at the edge.  The comedian’s heart melts, but her smile quickly fades, and she asks to be taken home.

On their way inside, she finally offers up her real name: Liz.  Over the credits, we see Liz going from a number of expressions in close-up stylized black and white.  Before the end, there’s a brief flash of color.  What could it mean?

You never know what you're going to get with 'Louie,' and it's heartbreaking to think that given the structure of the show, we might not see much more of Parker Posey's Liz going forward.  Even if that's the case, it still made for one hell of a memorable, and bittersweet episode, one we've all identified with at one point or another.  Poor Louie will never find the right one it seems, but with all the Emmys the show so rightfully deserves, we doubt if anyone will lament for long.

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