Louis CK: Watch His 25 Funniest Moments


To celebrate the season three premiere of 'Louie' this week on FX, we've combed the internet vaults for the very best Louis CK jokes, from his stand-up specials to 'Louie' and everything inbetween -- here are the comedian's 25 most hilarious moments. You're welcome. (Obvious NSFW language alert in these videos below...)

  • 1

    "Single People"

    Louis explains why he just can't feel bad for single people anymore.

  • 2

    "Give It a Second"

    People today are so ungrateful for our technological miracles.

  • 3

    "Getting Fat"

    On getting fat, cookie radar, and how his stomach is like a theater seat.

  • 4

    "Fun With a Girl"

    Louis encounters a waitress with a very strange sexual hang-up.

  • 5

    "Awesome Possum"

    Lines, the post office, and a pretentious coffee shop where Louis encounters someone wearing the same shirt.

  • 6

    "Coffee Shop"

    Related to the previous clip, this scene from 'Louie' accurately portrays a hungover visit to a coffee shop in the morning.

  • 7

    "World's Saddest Handjob"

    What happens when all the sex magic dies in your marriage. Warning: The results are hilariously sad.

  • 8

    "Louis CK Hates Twitter"

    Louis talks to Conan O'Brien about why he doesn't follow anyone on Twitter and why he thinks it's so stupid.

  • 9

    "Being White"

    On being a white man and the opportunities afforded by time travel.

  • 10

    "Suck a Bag of D---s"

    Louis explains the strangest insult he's ever received.

  • 11

    "Duck Vaginas"

    The weirdest food in Chinatown.

  • 12


    Louis lets a heckler in the audience have it during an episode of 'Louie.'

  • 13

    "Girls vs Women"

    On the difference between girls and women, and why he's done with the former.

  • 14

    "Pot Smoking"

    Louis smokes up with his neighbor, guest star Josh Hamilton, on 'Louie.'

  • 15


    On the type of people, such as himself, who eat at Cinnabon.

  • 16

    "Schindler's List"

    In this interview with Conan O'Brien, Louis describes his idea of the audition process for a little girl in 'Schindler's List.'

  • 17

    "Louis CK vs CAM"

    That "CAM" stands for Cause Against Masturbation, and in this clip from 'Louie,' Louis defends one of his favorite activities.

  • 18

    "Louis CK on Gay Marriage"

    Louis' views on gay marriage are hilarious, honest, and moving.

  • 19

    "Daughter's First Sentence"

    Louis recalls his daughter's first sentence, and the indignation that followed.

  • 20

    "They're Called Pig Newtons"

    Louis' daughter calls Fig Newtons "Pig Newtons."

  • 21

    "Children and Their Secrets"

    On the very special way his five year old tells secrets.

  • 22

    "Changing Diapers"

    A gross-out description of his daughter's diaper issues.

  • 23

    "Park Drinking"

    On the kind of person who might drink in a park.

  • 24

    "4 Year Old"

    Louis gets delightfully -- and frighteningly -- honest about life with a 4 year old.

  • 25

    "Boys vs Girls"

    On the difference between raising boys and girls.

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