It's not a trailer for 'Episode 7,' but it is a new 'Star Wars' trailer ... sort of! Today Lucasfilm released this teaser trailer for a new installment of their 'Star Wars Uncut' project, this time having fans recreate 'The Empire Strikes Back' in a massive collaborative effort with the studio. The full, shot-for-shot remake will hit this Friday.

The teaser debuted over at Mashable, who also spoke with engineer and designer Casey Pugh, the creator of the original 'Star Wars Uncut' project, which invited fans to recreate the first film in 15-second segments, which Pugh then edited together into one massive film. Pugh ended up with so many submissions (three for each of the 470 segments), that viewers could watch the entire project multiple times without ever experiencing it the same way twice.

The original 'Star Wars Uncut' went on to win a special Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media in 2010, and now the project is back again, hosted by Lucasfilm, with more fans submitting their incredibly creative segments to recreate the entirety of 'The Empire Strikes Back.'

Since Lucasfilm loved the first project so much, they've collaborated with Pugh on the sequel, and we cannot wait to see the results, acquired from over 1,000 contributors. With way more submissions this time around, 'Empire Uncut' should be a highly creative, amusing, and delightful effort.