It’s hard not to exclaim “Oh what a lovely day!” every time we get to see new footage from Mad Max: Fury Road. Director George Miller’s long-awaited, highly-anticipated installment in the franchise is going to blow our minds with its extended chase sequence and intense action. It looks like those delays really paid off, as Miller devoted his time wisely to perfecting what could (and will likely) be one of the most epic action films of all time. Today brings two international TV spots, featuring a bunch of lovely, lovely new footage.

Tom Hardy’s Max provides voice overs in the spots (above and below), expressing his desire to find purpose, and introducing himself as a man in a world gone totally mad. We already knew that, but we hadn’t seen some of this new footage yet, including peeks at a scene that takes place at night and provides stark contrast to the dusty, orange-ish daytime sequences. There’s plenty more of Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa and her gang of rescued women, too.

Haunted by his turbulent past, Mad Max believes the best way to survive is to wander alone. Nevertheless, he becomes swept up with a group fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by an elite Imperator, Furiosa. They are escaping a Citadel tyrannized by the Immortan Joe, from whom something irreplaceable has been taken. Enraged, the Warlord marshals all his gangs and pursues the rebels ruthlessly in the high-octane Road War that follows.

Mad Max: Fury Road also stars Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hugh Keays-Byrne, and hits theaters on May 15.