By now we've all heard the 'Mad Men' conspiracy theorists warn that Megan Draper could soon face a grisly fate, based on her similar attire to slain model Sharon Tate, but what do the first photos from this Sunday's 'Mad Men' installment "A Tale of Two Cities" reveal? Could murder most foul truly lie ahead for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Chaough...or whatever we're call it these days?

AMC's prize drama 'Mad Men' remains forever secure in its handling of spoilers, but will the conspiracy theorists' predictions about Megan Draper ring true in this Sunday's all-new episode "A Tale of Two Cities?" The network has released the full round of photos from the episode, and while Megan is nowhere to be found, the apparently grim matters at hand seem more rooted in the shaky merger between companies than a death in the family.

From AMC's ever-so-descriptive synopsis of 'Mad Men' episode "A Tale of Two Cities":

The agency works to hold on to a client. Joan is caught off guard.

In any case, we're at least hoping for a bit of insight into the increasingly mysterious Bob Benson (James Wolk), whom viewers pointed out to have recently lied about his father's well-being in referring Pete to his nurse. Might he be the one to catch Joan off-guard with a certain secret of his own?

Check out the full set of photos below, and give us your 'Mad Men' theories for season 6 in the comments!