AMC's 'Mad Men' won't officially bring us "The End of an Era" until the final seven episodes in 2015, but the April 13 premiere of the seventh and final season will lay the groundwork for some major changes ahead. Much of the 'Mad Men' cast will be starting over when the new season begins, and we've got an exclusive first-look trailer for the beginning of the end!

Keeping ever spoiler-tight, our exclusive new look at 'Mad Men' season 7 reminds us that the Sterling-Cooper characters and their families have started over plenty in the past, between Don, Roger, Bert and Lane Pryce's new agency, Joan's marriage and Pete's family, but never quite like this. Following the series shakeup of season 6 finale "In Care Of," Don will be forced to pick up his life in the wake of an absence from work, while Pete and Teddy move on to California, and Peggy picks up in her old mentor's stead.

Analyzing 'Mad Men' key art of the final season always proves to be an exercise in guesswork, though a few of series creator Matthew Weiner's recent words on the final season gave us an idea of what to expect:

A lot of what we’re dealing with this season, and I won’t be too specific about it, is we’re acknowledging what happened to Don at the end of last season. That really did happen. He lost his job but also had a silent moment of reconciliation with his daughter. And he had that breakdown at the Hershey meeting where his anxiety was expressed as a confession. The consequences of that activity were kind of what we’re writing about on some level. What part is irrevocable? Just because you feel different doesn’t mean the world thinks you’re different. And it’s hard to prove that you changed or to know if you’ve really changed.

Specifically as the show comes to a close I was interested in the material versus the immaterial world. The world of money, ambition, possession and the concrete and not-so-concrete expressions of love. For Don it definitely seems like an acquisition on some level. And then the immaterial, which is that, on some level inside these characters there is a world beyond that that is not what we see. If those other needs are met, or not met, how will that affect them?

Hopefully we'll have some answers by the April 13 premiere of 'Mad Men''s final season at 10:00 P.M., but in the meantime, take a look at our exclusive year 7 trailer above, and give us your predictions for the ad men (and women) of 'Mad Men' in the comments!