Amidst all the excitement of 'Mad Men's last episode "Signal 30," what with Pete Campbell getting knocked out by one Lane Pryce, or perhaps the inescapable void of color created by Don Draper's sport coat, we might have missed 'Mad Men's attention to detail in using real-life car company Jaguar as a plot point.  But guess who's laughing now?

Ever the good sports about 'Mad Men's use of Jaguar as a potential client for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Jaguar USA's real-life advertising agency Carrot Creative took notice of the nod, and decided to issue their own letter responding to the event.  In a letter addressed personally to Don Draper, the company subtly gloats at SDCP having lost the account and picking it up in their stead, assuring that they'd never spread rumors of the embarrassing reasons behind the downfall.

In any case, Jaguar also wishes Pete Campbell a speedy recovery from his thrashing, and even offers helpful hints of where the agency might next seek business!  Such good sports, they are.  Check out the letter from Carrot Creative below:

And for funsies, I'll throw in what's likely to be one of the greatest GIF's of the year.  All it needs now is a flashy background and a "K.O.!"  Don't forget to watch the latest 'Mad Men' Sunday at 9 on AMC!