'Mad Men' Season Finale Preview Photos: "In Care Of" Don Draper


Moreso than any previous year, we've had a great deal of fun attempting to anticipate 'Mad Men' season 6's numerous curves and potential conspiracy theories. This Sunday will see our speculation come to an end as the cycle pitches its ultimate finale, "In Care Of," but what can we learn from the full set of promotional photos from the effort?

Judging by what has to be Matthew Weiner's most trollingly spoiler-free description of an episode to date, "Don has a problem." And while last Sunday's "next on 'Mad Men'" promo was left intentionally vague, the photos from Sunday's "In Care Of" at least reveal that we'll see Stan Rizzo again in all his happy-go-lucky glory, while Jim Cutler (Harry Hamlin) rocks a turtleneck and Bert Cooper seems undeniably smug.

Unless we believe Arnold Rosen will shift a murderous glance to Megan Draper for Don's affair with his wife, or that the episode ends with Bob Benson tinkering with a time machine, there's only so much we can surmise. For our part, we're thinking Don has to have at least some kind of closure with Sylvia (Linda Cardellini), or that at least one of the cuckolded spouses have to clue in to the affair.

You can check out the photos from Sunday's season finale, "In Care Of," below, and give us your predictions for the final hour of 'Mad Men' season 6 in the comments!

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