First Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zombie Film, 'Maggie'

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As we gear up for the Toronto International Film Festival, once again, more titles have been announced to make debuts at the big event up north, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's zombie movie, 'Maggie.' In addition to the announcement, the first official photos from the film have hit the web, showing the softer side of the zombie apocalypse.

We already know about the chaos that usually ensues when zombies roam the Earth, thanks to pop culture phenomenon 'The Walking Dead,' but 'Maggie' is not your typical zombie movie. Schwarzenegger is trading his rough-and-tough exterior for a more fatherly approach. The only official plot description is short and sweet, but gets to the heart of what this movie is about:

A Midwestern farmer stays by the side of his beloved teenage daughter even as she slowly turns into a cannibalistic zombie, in this daring, genre-bending debut feature from director Henry Hobson.

Sorry, folks. We probably won't be seeing much of Arnold battling the undead.

Abigail Breslin portrays this ill-fated girl, and the first photos from 'Maggie' show how the deadly disease is making its way through her system -- like some sort of Hep-V strain. Trubies, amirite?! The film doesn't currently have a release date, but we're excited to see more of it at TIFF, so stay tuned!

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