Starz' latest drama 'Magic City,' set to debut this Friday now that 'Spartacus: Vengeance' has lain down its sword for the season, isn't about to give us any sleight of hand.  In fact, the network is so confident in its new drama, it's going to give away the whole show!

Following a brief preview of the series that debuted alongside the season finale of 'Spartacus: Vengeance' this past Friday night, Starz has gambled on us by delivering not one, not two, but three whole episodes of their latest drama 'Magic City' for us to enjoy!  Releasing the first three episodes comes as yet another confident move from Starz regarding the series, who already renewed the drama for a second season.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and executive produced by Mitch Glazer, ‘Magic City’ unfolds as a drama set in 1959 Miami, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a hotel magnate and family man who leads a double life winds up tangled up with the mob.

And unlike those folk at Showtime, Starz saw fit to release the first episodes of 'Magic City' without any of that pesky editing or censorship!  Check out all three episodes below, and tells us if you'll check out 'Magic City' when additional episodes air this coming summer!

Episode 1: "The Year of the Fin"

Episode 2: "Feeding Frenzy"

Episode 3: "Castles Made of Sand"