Empire Magazine has revealed two new 'Man of Steel' covers for their latest edition, along with a batch of fresh images, showing us a very angry General Zod, some peeks at the female villain, and Amy Adams' Lois Lane looking as adorable as ever.

The two covers have been readily available on Empire's site (including the best full-body shot of Michael Shannon yet), but the images were scanned by the good folks at ComicBookMovie.com. While we've seen plenty of Superman, Lois, Jor-el and Zod, we're finally getting a better look at Faora, the Kryptonian villainess Antje Traue. Check out her nifty space-helmet and the rude manner in which she treats Ma Kent (Diane Lane)!

Also included are a few shots of director Zack Snyder, an red-eyed General Zod appearing especially peeved, and of course, Henry Cavill as Superman, which is still probably the coolest visual of all.

'Man of Steel' opens on June 14th.