A brand new Japanese trailer for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team has been posted online, giving us a sneak peek at the crazy action we'll see when the Mario brothers start trekking around Morpheus's domain.

The trailer, shown above, shows us how Princess Peach got sucked into Luigi's dreamscape and how Mario and his taller brother have to team up again on a role-playing adventure in order to save her. Luigi can find spots to take naps and open up a portal to his dreams, through which Mario can then jump and explore.

You'll also have to control the brothers in tandem and use each one's skills to get further in the story. For example, Luigi can bonk Mario so that he walks around, all squashed and deflated. Mario can then take advantage of this form to get through small holes.

Watch the trailer above and let us know if you're excited to make the dream a reality and play the game when it's released on Aug. 11 for the 3DS.