Klei, the developers behind Shank and Mark of the Ninja, have just announced a brand-new turn-based strategy game called Incognita.

There's very little known about Incognita at this time, but we do know it'll be played from a top-down isometric view thanks to some key art for the upcoming game. There also appear to be classes of some sort, though it's tough to tell what the three visible characters can or will do in the game. No platforms have been announced yet, but PC is the definite safe bet to start.

You can sign up for a newsletter over on the official Incognita site, and there's also a hidden code to decipher in the bottom corner of the home page. You can't really do anything with the page just yet, but perhaps some lucky forum goers will be able to crack the code soon.

Klei has been responsible for some of the most memorable and acclaimed indie titles of the past few years, so it stands to reason Incognita will follow suit. We'll definitely be following further developments for this intriguing game closely in the future.