'The Avengers' trailer that played during this year's Superbowl showed plenty of action and characters we've all known and loved for a few summers now, but one thing was missing: Hulk's face. The last bit of the trailer shows our heroes circled up, but Hulk's back is turned, with Marvel forcing fans to take the spoon the internet usually feeds them with into their own hands and use something called "imagination."

The internet rebelled; we've seen Eric Bana as Hulk, and we've seen Edward Norton as Hulk, and although they're both big and green and kind of angry looking (and hardly evoke the facial features of their human counterparts), how would we know in our hearts that we could truly accept Mark Ruffalo as our new Hulk without seeing his face?!

Problem solved. We now know what this new 'Avengers' Hulk looks like, and hey, he looks like The Hulk. It's okay, kids, the internet has taken the spoon back and you can return to your regularly scheduled afternoon feeding.