Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ hasn’t leaned on MCU connections in the manner ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ had early on, yet the Hayley Atwell-starring prequel may yet bring us our first taste of a fan-favorite Avenger. Find out what “The Iron Ceiling” will reveal about the deadly Black Widow in the latest promo and intel for Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter!’

You’re warned of some minor spoilers of last week’s ‘Agent Carter’ installment “The Blitzkrieg Button” from here on out, but for those wondering if there was something amiss about Peggy’s new neighbor “Dottie Underwood” (Bridget Regan), a quick encounter with the show’s weekly villain revealed the woman to have some seriously spider-like moves. The latest promo even confirms Dottie to hail from the Black Widow training program in Russia, while IGN got further intel from showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas:

I think the fun thing about our period of time in the MCU is we have the ability to help draw connections without actually interfering or stepping on anything that’s going on currently. But it really is actually kind of fun to make the world smaller. You know, the idea that Peggy could be having this interaction with Dottie and that same Russian, spy program could end up turning into the Black Widow program, which, obviously, the current characters are dealing with today. That’s been a really fun challenge, to connect the world without stepping on the world.

Meanwhile, here’s how ABC describes Tuesday’s “The Iron Ceiling”:


“The Iron Ceiling” – Peggy is finally trusted with a mission and calls upon her trusted Howling Commandos squad for backup. But her cover could be at risk when SSR Chief Dooley also sends Agent Thompson with her, on “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” Tuesday, February 3.

Guest starring are Eddie Shin as Agent Li, Greg Serano as Agent Ramirez, Neal McDonough as Dum-Dum Dugan, Bridget Regan as Dottie Underwood, Leonard Roberts as Happy Sam Sawyer, James Austin Kerr as Junior Juniper, Richard Short as Pinky Pinkerton, Ralph Brown as Dr. Ivchenko and Jared Gertner as cryptographer.

One wonders if ‘Agent Carter’ has been setting up an ‘Age of Ultron’ connection, considering how trailers have been pushing into Natasha Romanov’s past, but what say you? Are you excited for ‘Agent Carter’ to make another major Marvel connection? Preview the Howling Commandos’ return in the latest “Iron Ceiling” clips above and below, and give us your ‘Agent Carter’ predictions in the comments!