With 22 more days to go, Double Fine's Massive Chalice has hit its Kickstarter funding goal of $725,000. What lies ahead for the Massive Chalice now that more money is pouring in with about three weeks remaining in the campaign's life.

The second update video features Brad Muir, the project's lead, as he thanks the fans who have supported the game and calls them all beautiful.

He goes on to outline some of the short-term goals for the team now that the project has been completely funded. One of these goals includes adding new reward tiers and bonuses, such as a bloodline relic that will be available for all of your characters, as well as physical, boxed copies of the game.

They're also looking for more feedback since Muir says that a lot of the fans' ideas are better than theirs. He also says that there are no concrete plans for stretch goals at the moment since the team thinks that it wouldn't make sense until they've really focused on what direction they should take the game.

More updates and videos will be rolling out as the weeks go on, so Muir assures us that more excitement is on the way. You can check out the Massive Chalice Kickstarter campaign here and throw up some of your money if you like what you see.

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