On last night's inaugural 'The Maya Rudolph Show,' host Maya Rudolph unveiled The Garmyns, an all-American family made wealthy and happy by the voice skills of both Mama and Papa Garmyn (Rudolph and Fred Armisen). They've certainly earned their GPS wealth, but it sure seems as if they've taken their work home -- no, really. What happens when the Garmyns' daughter (Kristen Bell) brings home her fiance (Andy Samberg) to meet the parents? Just a lot of recalculating.

Admit it, you take your GPS system for granted. You don't think about the internal life of the in-car computer that guides you. You don't wonder about its family. You don't care at all, do you?! But what if you knew that the voices responsible for delivering you to each and every destination with the maximum of safety and efficiency belonged to someone's parents? Oh, now you care.