The latest 'Men in Black 3' trailer has premiered and with it comes the assurance that we won't miss Tommy Lee Jones too much because Josh Brolin actually took a lot of notes in the two films they were in together, and he does one hell of a Jones impression.

In the new trailer, K (Jones) has gone missing thanks to some sort of rip in the fabric of time, which has rendered him non-existent. Good thing Emma Thompson has shown up to replace Rip Torn (farewell, ripped fabric of time puns, once teeming with possibility) and give J (Will Smith) advice on retrieving him. Smith travels back in time to collect a younger K (Brolin) from the 60s and right the wrongs that hath been wrought by time-meddling -- oh, wait, Will Smith just said "shiznit" to Andy Warhol. Are we sure he didn't just travel back to 2000?

'Men in Black 3' releases on May 25 in 3D (of course), so you'll all get your chance to check out that intense prosthetic nose Bill Hader sports as Warhol all up close and personal-like.