Matchmaking wasn't very difficult on the Xbox 360, but on the Xbox One, Microsoft is improving it quite a bit. Now, you'll be able to join up with people based on a whole new set of parameters, and continue playing games while you wait.

Over on the Xbox Wire, senior product marketing manager Mike Lavin went into detail about what you can expect from Smart Match. A whole new set of algorithms will find you the best possible match based on skill, language and reputation. There's also a new party system coming that will go beyond the current beacons, and will let you connect with players faster, as well as getting you in games with players better suited for your particular play style.

Additionally, you can set up a matchmaking request in one game, start playing another, and when your match is made, you'll be able to quickly transition to the game you'd been waiting to play just the way you wanted. No more waiting in lobbies. No more wasting time waiting for someone to play a particular map. Now you can go about your business, and join when its convenient to you.

There are more details coming about Smart Match in the future, but right now, it sounds pretty impressive. We typically only game with friends already, but if these new metrics allow us to find more players that we'll end up liking, we might start making new friends.