Microsoft's Lift London studio is currently working on four new free-to-play games, all of which are designed to work with Microsoft's connected devices.

Speaking at Develop, Lift London boss Lee Schuneman discussed the studio's plans, and how the industry must begin thinking differently about what makes a AAA game. "AAA is not about team size, or budget, or what device it's on," Schuneman said according to Gamespot. The Lift chief believes AAA is about "quality and audience scale."

In regards to the F2P titles, Shuneman told those in attendance all four mystery games were powered by Microsoft's cloud technologies, and will work on all platforms. How that will translate in a finished product to the Xbox One, Windows 8 tablets and phones remains to be seen. We do know both Sony and Microsoft will be looking to the F2P model more often during the next generation, but just how successful those games are will rely a lot on the supposed quality Shuneman referred to.

What do you think of the news? Would you like to see quality F2P games, or do you think the existing AAA marketplace can thrive without microtransactions?