In preparation for the next generation console Microsoft will be unveiling on May 21st, the company has launched Xbox Wire, a news site geared specifically towards Xbox updates.

Microsoft has not had its own news blog for years, and instead relied on outside sources and Major Nelson's blog to provide official updates. While Sony has had the PlayStation Blog to keep its fans apprised of new trailers, announcements, and other updates for years, it only took Microsoft virtually the entire lifespan of the Xbox 360 to do the same thing. It's about time.

"It’s an exciting year for Xbox – we’re counting down the days until May 21, when a new generation of entertainment is revealed. Our team has been working incredibly hard and we have so much good news to share with you," said editor Lisa Gurry, editor of Xbox Wire, in her welcome letter. "In preparation, we’re launching Xbox Wire – a news blog to help you keep up with the latest Xbox news. You will be able to follow our journey as we bring you the best in games and entertainment and along the way we’ll introduce you to the people, places and technology that bring it all to life."

Right now there isn't much current news available on Xbox Wire, but that will likely change next week as the blog becomes the go-to source for all the latest news concerning Microsoft's Xbox brand.